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The Houston Heights, located North of the I-10 highway, South of Loop 610 and West of Highway 45, has roughly 3,700 homes, making it one of the fastest growing communities and one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Houston Texas. The surge in home buyers and real estate value appreciation have pushed significant property development over the past decade, giving the Heights and its originally “small town image” a new and more modern vibe.

The houses and establishments in The Heights in Houston area remains to be the classical marriage between Victorian small town architecture and modern city-type development. It now unofficially comprises of the Norhill Heights, Woodland Heights, and Sunset Heights. Throw in the surrounding small subdivisions and you can see why it's repeatedly labeled as Houston's oldest and fastest growing “planned community”.

Some time between 1890 to 1896, The Heights in Houston was founded as a real estate area targeting middle-class citizens who want homes that retain the “small-town” feel and yet remain strategically close to the busier Houston downtown. It is now one of Houston's most promising communities with real estate values ranging between $200,000 to as over $2,000,000 depending on the house's location, house and lot size, and architectural design.

Homes and houses in The Heights in Houston vary, from bungalows and Victorian houses, to more modern homes, to duplexes and houses that carry both housing design elements.

The growth in home owners and prospective house buyers also pave the way for a boom in commercial and business establishments. The Heights in Houston is currently seeing development for new restaurants, retails shops, curbside joints, and the like. Grub hubs like the “home of best chicken-fried steak” Hickory Hollow (101 Heights), up and coming restaurant Glass Wall (933 Studewood), and “house of best tacos and homemade salsas” Berryhill (702 E. 11th) are some of the more popular ones.

The Heights in Houston continue to be one of the more intriguing areas in the city. With property appreciation and home developments expected to remain on its current upwards track, things in The Heights neighborhood are only going to get better.

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